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Goyette Concert Master Classical Guitar

Goyette Concert Master Classical Guitar

Goyette Concert Master Classical Guitar

The Goyette Concert Master Classical Guitar is an elite concert-level, world-class classical guitar personally constructed by the master luthier of the lutherie that produces the Goyette Sonata series. This instrument comes with your choice of a Spruce or Cedar satin finish top and is made from high quality, master grade woods. The back and sides are Mexican rosewood with a thin satin finish. The back is double-layered, arched and braceless for extra power and projection.This top is very thin for extra volume and response. There is a port hole on the side, with insulated metal cap, which projects extra sound upward toward the player. The scale length is 650mm. The width at the nut is 52mm. The tuners are by Der Jung. This is a beautiful guitar, with huge volume and purity of sound. The quality of workmanship and the sound produced by this guitar compare favorably with concert instruments costing much more. A deluxe hard-shell case is included in the price.



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Weight 20.00 lbs
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Our price: $2,800.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Stephen Pandov
    I finally found the guitar that I wanted. The Goyette Concert Master is a beautiful instrument. It looks great, it feels wonderful, and most of all, it sounds amazing.

    This guitar features a thin lattice braced top which gives the guitar great clarity, volume, and sustain. These qualities make a guitar very desirable because it is very easy to perform on it. There is a reason why John Williams, Ana Vidovic, Milos Karadaglic, and many other classical guitar virtuosos perform on lattice braced guitars. You can focus on playing instead of trying to be loud. The guitar will do the hard work for you. The Goyette Concert Master also has a very attractive arched back which is braceless, with double thickness. This is what helps the great sustain, and I mean, great sustain. The notes just ring and ring, really, they do. I am not selling my guitar, I just want to share with you because I am so happy that I have this instrument. The guitar tunes perfectly, is extremely musical in a sense that notes sound different as you play close to the bridge, over the neck, or between. The basses are strong but they donít overpower the bell like trebles. It makes such great difference when you play music with a wonderful instrument. The guitar also has a very nice armrest. This is very important because it improves the angle of your wrist, and keeps your arm from touching the soundboard and thus affecting your sound. Finally, the incredible finish. I used to love glossy lacquered finish, then I even bought a guitar partly because it had beautiful French polish. This guitar has a satin finish. It is smooth but you can feel the wood grain. This makes me feel like I am so much more in touch with my guitar, and I feel the wood that makes it sound so good, and I absolutely love it. I sound like a salesman, but Iím not. I am a very happy classical guitarist and I simply wanted to share my experience with you. You can never regret buying this guitar.
  • Author: Stephen Pandov
    UPDATE: I had my first performance with my Goyette Concert Master guitar this weekend. This truly is a concert instrument and it stands out because of its volume (very important in my opinion), its clarity of sound, (bell, or piano like), and tonal quality that is a true delight. You just have to hear it in person. Professional recordings tend to flatter the instrument a bit, or a lot, and the once we make with cameras or phones donít at all do the guitar justice. Finally, this is very importantÖ A guitar has to be professionally setup. Richard is definitely the guy to do this for you. Some people play very well, some are great luthiers, while others compose beautifully. Richardís art is guitar setup. Some people just have the understanding and touch for this, the only way I can explain it. The guitar is setup in a way that makes it very easy to play but it does not buzz. I have played guitars with low action=easy to play but with buzzing if you try to do a crescendo. I have played guitars that crescendo well but the action is high=very tough to play. Well, the Goyette Concert Master is easy to play, and you get as loud as you need to and it will not buzz. The instrument just works with you. I was more confident knowing that my guitar will help me and not fight me. People asked about my guitar. One person even commented ďIt sounds like Iím listening to my cdís!Ē Honestly, he is not exaggerating. The wonderful finish somehow gives the guitar a more natural, more real look and feel. I love my guitar.
  • Author: John Barmeyer
    I received the Goyette Concert Master guitar today. It has a marvelous feel and tone (plus it's good looking). The bases are solid and firm, the trebles are sprightly and sweet. An excellent balanced tone overall. I love this guitar. I've been playing it all morning and I'm delighted with the sound it puts out. Thank you for helping me pick this guitar.

    FOLLOW UP: I rarely gush on about stuff, but, unfortunately, I'm doing it here. I've spent a lifetime with steel string guitars. Finger-picking them is hurtful and difficult, so much so that I gave up finger-picking years ago for flat-picking, Dave Van Ronk be damned. With your guitar I'm back at last to finger-picking. (I grew up with an Espana guitar -- nylon string -- and that's where I learned to finger pick). I played the Goyette guitar all day today and I couldn't believe the clarity and volume that I could pull out of it, finger-picking and, even, without much in the way of fingernails.

    Thank you for this guitar. If you find another model, equally vibrant and powerful, let me know.