Welcome to the Goyette Guitar Center On-Line Store

The purpose of our on-line store is to help you select a high quality, concert-level instrument without having to travel hundreds, or even thousands, of miles to try our guitars in person. Here, you can see and hear our guitars played by professional guitarists. After purchasing one of our guitars, you may return it for any reason for a refund, or for an exchange. The pricing of our guitars is intended to be significantly less than the price of individual luthier-made guitars of similar sound and quality.

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Goyette Sonata Concert Model Testimonial:

I took guitar lessons for about a year in the 80’s and haven’t touched one till recently, having purchased my new Goyette, Sonata Concert Model Classical Guitar. Retired I have now the time I didn’t before to study and practice. My new guitar teacher has a master’s degree in guitar and plays at the symphony and concert level. The minute he picked up my Goyette he said, “I really like your guitar!” It has all the new design features that make a guitar project more volume and quality sound, and play easier. He also alluded to the apparent quality and beauty. Before purchasing I looked at and reviewed countless guitars, old and new. I settled on my Goyette for many reasons. Richard Goyette was the main one. I am from the old school in that integrity means everything to me, and that is Richard in a nut shell. My first guitar was handed down (it was like new) from the head of the guitar department at Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore. It was a late 70’s model made by Sakurai/supervised by Kohno. My new Goyette is a much superior Guitar in sound, looks and performance with a tremendous price/cost advantage to the consumer. This was my research finding. I bought it with a 7-day return, money back policy. You have to know I did not want to send it back. I think I got the buy of a lifetime. By Larry Stepp


Yulong Guo Double Top Chamber Concert Model Testimonial:

What can I say? I was speechless when I opened the case and saw how beautiful it was up close. I got it yesterday and played it till three in the morning. This guitar's sound is great, feels amazing and is clearly the highest level guitar I have ever played. If you are recording as well as playing in a concert hall, my 50-dollar mic picks up the sound as if I am plugged directly in. I never actually heard a guitar until I heard this one. If you are worried about tying up all of your money into a guitar, it is well worth it. I am a college student for guitar performance and I put everything I had into it because "This is for the person that doesn't want to have to buy another guitar for the rest of his life.”  Thank you Mr. Goyette for all of your help. By Gerrick W.



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