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Concertina Concert Model Classical Guitar

Concertina Concert Model Classical Guitar

Concertina Concert Model Classical Guitar

The Concertina Concert Model Classical Guitar is a beautifully hand-crafted, concert-level guitar for the advanced player, or concert artist. This model has characteristically spruce top sound, with a high degree of separation, clarity and volume. The appearance, decoration, finish and sound of this guitar are equal in every respect to many luthier-made guitars costing much more. It has a solid German spruce top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard, Indian rosewood bridge, gold plated tuners, bone nut and saddle, and a high gloss finish on the back, sides and top. A 52mm neck width at nut and 650mm scale length are standard. Position marker dots can be added to the edge of the fretboard for a small additional charge. A porthole in the side may also be added for an additional charge (see photo). A semi-hardshell case is included in the price (see photo).

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Weight 20.00 lbs
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Robert Davis
    I have have shopped for a spruce topped guitar for 3 years. What I found in the big box stores was disappointing. Occasionaly I tried instruments in the $2 to 4K range and was left with a flat feeling, not knowing what to say. The Concertina Model (formerly Model 17) is the real deal. Everything I hoped for in a soild wood classical. comfortable, easy to play, excellent action, complex harmonics, sustain, clarity and volume brand new! What you get is even better than what is promised by Goyette Guitars.
  • Author: Dale Beckner
    I've been interested in getting this model for about 5 months now. I liked the sound of it in the demos and the price/looks/construction. I wanted a concert level instrument (sold my Kohno back in 1996 for other pursuits). I don't have the budget to afford the ungodly prices of the big name guitars. I was lucky enough to get a new one discounted due to some minor cosmetic flaws. The guitar is beautiful despite them. The tone, sustain, and clarity are unbelievable for a new spuce top instrument. The guitar has plenty of volume and is very comfortable to play. I could not be happier. The Concertina (formerly Model 17) is a beautiful concert level guitar with an amazing, lovely tone. Highly recommended!
  • Author: Janus Venter
    Look...If you need clarity, quality and volume this is your guitar. If you hate being confused with other artists and want to stand out then you have finally found the instrument you know you deserve. I am a college level guitarist and the performance this guitar has shown has blown away my mentors and friends. The tone of this guitar is to die for, and that is when its brand new right out of the luthiers shop...It only gets better! Spend your hard earned dollars with the Goyette guitar center, they will take care of you. Thank You Mr. Goyette I love your guitars and I owe you a debt of gratitude your guitar has inspired me to be the best I can Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!
  • Author: Robert Davis
    This is a follow up to my original review. My Concertina (formerly Model 17) continues to improve with playing and is still the most touch sensitive, expressive guitar I own. I replaced the tuners with Gotohs, just a personal preference and use Oasis GPX Normal Tension strings....just lovely. With all due respect to a previous negative comment posted here, I am an hobbiest luthier working on a 37 Hauser copy. The woods I'm using are the same as the Concertina's. Materials alone cost more than 500.00 US dollars. I'm still thrilled by the Goyette and my playing is greatly improved because of the guitar's excellence.
  • Author: Christopher Huson
    I was in Folsom, CA to work a couple days, and I was fortunate to be able to drop by Mr. Goyette's home to take a look at a few guitars. I was nervous about trying guitars, so I was fortunate to have him to help with the evaluation.

    I told Richard my price range, and he immediately suggested the Concertina model. I was very impressed with the "presence" of the guitar, its projection in the treble and the strength of the bass as well. The action was good, the feel of the instrument was pleasant, and it made the little I could play sound much better than the current guitar I am practicing with.

    Richard was kind enough to let me try out several other models, including a double-top, but I was hooked on the Concertina model, and so I bought it. My teacher seems very impressed with the sound I can get out of it, and his description of the difference was, "your other guitar would tell you 'play me', and this guitar says, 'let me sing for you.'" I don't think I could say it better.
  • Author: Bruce Heckelman
    I'm holding my gorgeous new Goyette Concertina guitar in my hands just admiring the workmanship and the wonderful warm tones it projects. I'm sending my initial first thoughts about this guitar and dealing with Richard Goyette but first, a little about me. I'm 67 years old and have a wonderfully gifted musical family but somewhere along the line I never had the patience to learn to play an instrument. I have an older daughter who is a singer songwriter and a son-in-law who is a fairly well recognized singer songwriter and lead singer for The Verve Pipe for those young enough to remember the 90's hit single, The Freshmen. My youngest daughter plays the cello and even my wife plays a guitar and piano. So with that family background, I always wanted to play but my career and just listening to my family play seemed enough for me. Recently I got that urge again and with my career winding down, I've spent countless hours researching guitars on the internet. With some help from my family and the excellent videos that Richard provides I was able to get a very good sense for the line of guitars Richard offers and more specifically the Concertina which I gravitated to. I also had a budget and Richard has developed 3 levels of guitars with which to find the right guitar for the right price. By the way, I've done a lot of homework and to be able to buy a luthier made guitar with this much quality and sound, is remarkable. I know I'm getting a quality instrument for far less than I'd pay for a comparable guitar by manufacturer I'm sure you know. Bottom line, I'm thrilled with my purchase and I should note, the sounds my Concertina with the German Spruce top projects is even warmer and brighter than the YouTube videos Richard created. Richard was extremely helpful in all ways with regard to my purchase and made the purchase extremely easy for me. If you've always wanted a classical acoustic guitar but didn't think you could afford it without sacrificing sound or workmanship you don't have to worry about this with a Goyette Center guitar. You're in good hands and I'm confident you won't regret it. Any questions, you are welcome to contact me personally. I am so comfortable with this purchase, I'm happy to share my thoughts.