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Yulong Guo Chamber Concert Classical Guitar

Yulong Guo Chamber Concert Classical Guitar

Yulong Guo Chamber Concert Classical Guitar

The Yulong Guo Chamber Concert Classical Guitar is a truly world-class concert guitar by acclaimed Chinese luthier, Yulong Guo. This instrument comes with your choice of a Spruce or Cedar top and is made from the highest quality, master grade woods. The back and sides are Indian rosewood, with decorative maple inlay. The soundboard has a double-top design, similar to the one invented by Matthias Dammann in Germany in the late 1980s. This top consists of two super thin layers of wood, with a Nomex latticed structure between the tops. This guitar has an arched, double layered, braceless violin-style back for greater strength, volume and projection. The fretboard is elevated for easier access above the 12th fret.  It has a Spanish cedar neck, ebony fingerboard and bridge, one port hole in the side, an ebony armrest, and a 20th fret. The scale length is 650mm. The width at the nut is 52mm, and the width at the 12th fret is 62mm. The tuners are by Der Jung. This is a stunningly beautiful guitar, with huge volume, and the quality of the sound is breathtaking. The quality of workmanship and the sound produced by this guitar compare favorably with world-class concert instruments costing much more. An exclusive hard-shell case is included in the price.

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Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Eric Gluck
    I have been a student of guitar for the past 8 years and finally had the need for a high quality instrument. I searched all over the internet and in several large guitar salons for the perfect guitar that would both express and enhance my music. THis guitar exceeds all my expectations. there is a sweetiness in the treble notes that I have never been able to produce before. I diynamic tone to the bass notes that is mello without being over powering. The sustain and range of the guitar is amazing. My mentor heard the instrument and was jealous even though his guitar cost almost three times as much. My wife, who is not musically inclined could here the difference even as I was tuning the instrument. i was extremely anxious about order a guitar on line without actually having played it but the videos quelled a lot of my fears and then talking with Richard reduced the anxiety to a manageable levlel. it only took me a micro second to fall in love the sound the beauty and the ease of playing this magnificent instrument. I am so fortuanate to have embarked on a career that includes the guitar and to have found an instrument that makes the experience even better.
  • Author: Kevin Parrington
    I have always had issues buying items online but the You Tube recordings pushed me to take the plunge. When I got the guitar in my possession, I realized that the You Tube recordings did not capture the depth and quality of sound that this guitar produces. I have only been playing a couple of years now but I have been searching for a guitar upgrade for about a year now. It didn't take any for me to realize that I am out-classed by this masterful guitar. I played a couple of pieces that have proven difficult for me to play. This guitar’s playability improved my level of skill. My wife stated that I should have bought a better guitar a while ago. She has to sit there and listen to me play every day. For a person that is not musically inclined, she experienced that difference. I recommend this guitar to anyone that wants a great guitar at an affordable price. Too bad there aren’t many places to take this guitar for a test drive, I would have bought it a year ago. Good luck and enjoy,
  • Author: Gerrick W
    What can I say? I was speechless when I opened the case and saw how beautiful it was up close. I got it yesterday and played it till three in the morning. This guitar's sound is great, feels amazing and is clearly the highest level guitar I have ever played. If you are recording as well as playing in a concert hall, my 50 dollar mic picks up the sound as if i am plugged directly in. I never actually heard a guitar until I heard this one. If you are worried about tying up all of your money into a guitar, it is well worth it. I am a college student for guitar performance and I put everything I had into it because "This is for the person that doesn't want to have to buy another guitar for the rest of his life".-Richard Goyette.

    Thank you Mr. Goyette for all of your help.
  • Author: Thomas Willis
    Wonderful guitar in every aspect. Give guitar some time to break in and you can not be disappointed. Fit and finish 1st class. Beautiful cedar top. Guitar has a fabulous sound, but the most impressive thing is that it is so easy to play. Perfect neck and smooth frets,it just begs to be played. Guitar is head and shoulders above guitars costing 3-4 times. This is a gamble that payed off, big time. Tuners are adequate but I chose to put a set of Scheller tuners on. Perfect match. I've owned many guitars over the years and this one is a keeper. I could go on and on. Thanks Richard!!!
  • Author: Mike Lucas
    Well the guitar arrived last Thursday, but unfortunatley I had to go out of town early Friday morning and did not return until late Saturday night, so Sunday was the first time I had the chance to really check it out. Here are my first impressions of the Yulong Guo Chamber Concert Classical guitar. Yulong Guo Chamber Concert Classical Guitar: First after I got over just staring at it for a long time, I started to check the finish of the instrument. Every thing is done to perfection, with attention given to all areas of the instrument. The finish was just outstanding, the Rosette is a lot nicer than on my other guitar. I liked the top finish over my other which was a flat finish. The tuners are excellent with an 18 to 1 ratio, so if you just need a little, you just barely move it and you are there. You can tell He spent time in all areas of this instrument to obtain the results he obtained. Now came the time to tune it and just see exactly what it sounded like. I was and still am pleasantly surprised with the incredible sound it gives out. The first thing I noticed is how strong it was in projection compared to my other guitar which was less than half or more the price of this one. The bass notes are so powerful and deep. The mid tones are just beautiful. What really impressed me was how much easier it is to play than my other guitar. The notes just ring clear and it was if I have been playing with a set of ear muffs on for such a long time, and finally took them off and was in utter shock at the clearness of this instrument. I am more than satisfied Richard. I can honestly say if anyone is in the market for a really nice instrument, at bargain prices this is an instrument to try. Go ahead, play it against instruments of greater value and you will be as pleased with the Yulong Guo as I am. You said it right, Richard, when you were talking to Warren about this guitar, this is a guitar that some one will have for years into the future. I can hardly wait to hear what it sounds like in a couple of years as it ages. As I have said in the past, you can not go wrong dealing with Richard Goyette, his integrity is second to none, and is as honest a man as they come. If any of you who are reading this have doubts about Richard or this guitar just ask Richard for my contact information and give me a call. I have been doing business with the Goyette Guitar Center for a couple of years or more now and have never been given any reason to look elsewhere. Look, I figure if John Williams gave his thumbs up for this guitar, then who am I to second guess one of the best there is! Mike Lucas Canada
  • Author: Devin Kosloff
    Hi Richard,

    I figured I would send you the testimonial now that I've had some time with that Yulong Guo. It follows in the quotes.

    "This guitar has been possibly the best purchase I have EVER made. I was upgrading from a pretty good guitar and mainly wanted more volume, but the added bells and whistles like the elevated fretboard were a bonus. However, this guitar has done so much more that just "be louder". It is incredibly balanced and I can finally play pieces with dense and busy voicings and make each one come out if I want to. Most notable to me is the sustain--especially of the fretted trebles. I have played too many guitars where those notes die very quickly and this guitar overcomes that completely. This guitar just sings.

    Additionally, Richard had it set up with very low action that allowed for wonderful playability but I was worried it wouldn't work for me when I really wanted to hammer out a note. After a couple weeks, though, I realize it is so loud so easily that the way I was used to playing made it so loud I (and others) have to yell over this guitar. I will no longer need to waste energy to hammer out an important note.

    Finally, everything about the guitar is just gorgeous. The porthole with Guo's logo cut into the wood, the maple stripe for decoration on the arched back, the dragons on the headstock; it is really one of the nicest guitars I've seen.

    I can't recommend this guitar enough, especially considering the price and Richard's kind spirit and willingness to make sure you're happy with it. The only reason I will spend money on another classical guitar will probably be to get the cedar-topped one as well!"

    I really can't thank you enough for your accommodation, Richard and I hope your business thrives and your move goes well!

    All the best,

  • Author: Mark Bibb
    It has been five days now since my purchase of my Yulong Guo cedar chamber double top guitar from Richard Goyette. My long seach to replace my old guitars is finally over. I have playing for a few decades and I was never satisfied with the sound , sustain, and volume of the classical guitar. but my love of the guitar and its repertoire kept me going. Six months ago I started my investigation and learned from all the great guitar makers thoughts on all the new advances for the guitar. I knew what I wanted. which guitar to choose is the issue. I heard many guitars, but it was the yulong guo that spoke to me and I was hooked. The volume of this guitar is stunning. The playability and its clarity soothes my soul. I had to wait a long time to find my dream guitar but she is with me now. Its like having a new pretty young girlfriend. She looks different, feels different and speaks in that special way. I finally can feel confident playing in any situation and know everyone will hear the beauty of this remarkable guitar and the music. Thank you so much Richard for your kind and helpful thoughts on my purchase. And thanks to Warren for his wonderful videos.

    Absolutely Thrilled in south Florida.

  • Author: Anita Kerezman

    I received my “Singing Dragon” today! She is beautiful…….exactly what you described and more! Definitely a keeper. Played it for 15 minutes and fell in love. Wonderful projection. The quality is superb, unbelievable, fantastic!

    Thank you again for your guidance in picking out the perfect guitar and setting it up like just the way I wanted it. If anyone is skeptical of buying a guitar over the internet, I can assure them they will have no regrets or worries buying from you.


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