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Sonata Concert Model Classical Guitar

Sonata Concert Model Classical Guitar

Sonata Concert Model Classical Guitar

The Sonata Concert Model Classical Guitar is a beautifully hand-crafted, concert-level guitar for the advanced player, or concert artist with a modest budget. The appearance, decoration, finish and sound of this guitar are equal in every respect to many luthier-made guitars costing thousands of dollars more. This guitar has a very strong sound, with warm, rich, piano-like trebles. One way to describe the sound of this guitar is “full-bodied” and “substantial.” It has a porthole to enhance the listening experience of the player, and an elevated fret board to allow easier access to the notes above the 12th fret. The back and sides are high gloss, and the soundboard has a light satin finish for greater warmth and volume. It has a solid cedar or spruce top (your choice), solid Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard, Indian rosewood bridge, bone nut and saddle. It also has an adjustable 2-way truss rod in the neck. A 52mm neck width at nut and 650mm scale length are standard. A hardshell case in included in the price. Position marker dots on the edge of the fretboard are located at the 5th, 7th and 9th positons. The armrest is a recent addition to the design.

Note: when you place your order, please call us or email us to tell us whether you want a spruce or cedar top and how you would would like the action set up (ie. high, medium, or low).





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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Sandy Hodges
    Could not be more pleased with this instrument! I have compared it with my '78 Contreras Concert model, and for the difference in price and playing ease it is exceptional. The Contreras, by the way, is priced at $7500. Yes, the Contreras had more volume and thus more dynamic range available, but dynamics constitutes only one aspect of musicality. In all other respects the Goyette rates equally. Many thanks!!
  • Author: Darren Vass
    I am enjoying the Sonata Concert Model (formerly called the Model 99 Special). I purchased from you in October 2010. It is a beautifully crafted instrument with a full and rich tone. The volume is equally impressive. I have and continue to enjoy playing this guitar and am convinced that the guitar was well worth the price.
  • Author: Mark Perrin

    Here is the well deserved review of the Sonata (formerly called 99 Special):

    The day I received my Goyette guitar was a happy day for me. As I took it out of the case, I recall listening to the tone of the reverberating strings over the sound hole. “More Bass than my other instruments” ran through my head.

    The Sonata is an instrument that has full tonal qualities. It has a body that is slightly larger than most student models, one of the things that gives it concert attributes. The raised fingerboard really does make it easier to reach those above-the-twelveth-fret positions. All notes resonate equally well within the spectrum of reason. I have never seen tuners like these. They seem to have a bit more metal in them and will last a little longer than most tuning machines. Good quality throughout the instrument. Attention was paid to every detail. I noticed that the decorative stripe running down the back of the neck lined up perfectly with the line in the back of the body and the two stripes do not form an angle. That means that particular attention was given when mounting the neck to the body to be absolutely certain that this guitar looks good, even from the back. Getting the neck to line up well with the body is one of the most difficult parts of building a guitar. Two things about the body: 1. The distance from the top to the back is not the same on one end as it is on the other. This seems to be part of what causes all the notes to resonate so well. 2. The grain on the top is tight, meaning that the fine lines of the wood running from heel to upper bout are very close together. This is another attribute of a fine quality instrument.
  • Author: Stan Montgomery

    I received my guitar yesterday. It seems ironic that it came from Paradise! It plays and sounds like it did also. From the time I ordered the Sonata Model (formerly called the 99 special) to the time I received it there were many questionable thoughts that traced through my mind. I once ordered a Yamaha 7' grand piano on the internet from a reputable source and never received it. Yet, there was something about the feeling I had when I spoke with you. Music is from the heart and that is what I was dealing with. I admit that ordering on the internet a high end instrument with a name that is not well known seems to be risky business. As the days grew longer from the time of order to receipt I found that I was somewhat apprehensive, would it be as easy to play as I desired, would it have the sound I desired, would it feel right in my hands, and many more questions arose.

    The first hour after opening the package I simply spent the time to get aquainted. It was more than I expected. The voice is strong. The ease of playing was great on my hands that have seen their share of damage. The feel in my hands was just right. To me a classical guitar is a person and intimate relationship. There has to be a connection that is between the brain, ears, hands and heart.

    This guitar definitely is the right one for me. I hope that others will extend their trust and get the chance to experience this truly great instrument that you sell at such a reasonable price. I do not feel that I would have been as well please with any other instrument regardless of price.

    There is a scripture that I use as an instrument of measurement of value: Wherefore, do not spend money for that which is of little or no worth, nor labor for that which cannot satisfy......
  • Author: Mike Lucas
    Hi Richard,

    When I first decided to teach myself how to play classical guitar I never realized the venture I was headed for. I searched out classical guitarsand read up on them and Read reviews by people who purchased and owned classical guitars. I settled on a Spanish made Jose Ramirez 125 Anos with a spruce top and Rose Wood back and sides. In the learning process I developed to the point that I was playing more difficult music, and needed to use the upper frets of the guitar. On the guitar I had, I found this to be an almost impossible feat to accomplish. So I decided to look for a guitar I could play without having so much difficulty. I searched and searched and came across this web page.

    I emailed Richard Goyette numerous times as well as his partner Warren Haskell, and both were very helpful in answering all of my questions. I finally asked Richard to send me the concert model 17 Special to try. The guitar was beautiful in appearance, well constructed, and easy to play. The sound was I must say astonishing to say the least, and easily blew away the Spanish guitar I had which was almost twice the price that Richard was asking for the Concertina Concert Model (formerly called the Model 17). I was in utter shock. There was something that just stopped me from buying it right there and then, I wanted to try the concert model Sonata before deciding. I asked Richard if he would possibly send me one to compare with the Concertina. He sent me a spruce top, solid Rosewood back and sides, to try and to compare to the Concertina, .. It arrived within a week of being ordered. I sat and played it and compared itto the model Concertina. I found the guitar " I wanted", and returned the Concertina to Richard. The Sonata is a total delight to play. Very easy to play, has great projection of sound, is well constructed and just a beautiful instrument in appearance. The sound is breath taking, considering the price of the guitar, and I compared it to guitars double and more in price and it sounded way better than they did.

    If you are in the market for a classical guitar, Goyette Guitar is the best place I have ever dealt with for any purchase period. Both Richard and Warren will help you as much as you can ask for. They are honest, knowledgeable, and are the best place I have ever found on line to deal with. For the price of these guitars, you just can’t go wrong. If you have any doubts into their integrity, feel free to ask Richard for my contact information and contact me. They are aperfect 10 to do business with.

    Mike Lucas, Canada.
  • Author: Michael Swenson
    Dear Richard,

    First, I would like to thank you for the individual approach you take with your customers.

    Second, your explanation of the qualities of each guitar you sell and the videos that allow you to listen to each of them allows the customer to decide which model is right for them.

    I selected the Goyette Sonata Concert Classical Guitar with a cedar top. The purchase process was simple and efficient. Speaking with you directly gave me confidence in my selection. The guitar was shipped exactly when you said and arrived at the time you provided in the tracking email.

    From the moment I opened the box I realized I was dealing with a business of integrity and quality. The case for the guitar is beautiful. My wife was very taken with the design. The Sonata was just as you said, an incredibly beautiful and wonderfully crafted guitar. I had to just sit and hold it to admire how it felt in my hands. The body is graceful and the raised neck makes it easier to play passed the top of the body. While I was tuning it the rich quality of sound was tremendous. Playing the simple pieces that I have been learning made me appreciate a quality guitar.

    I took it to my instructor for him to evaluate my selection. After he looked it over as a luthier, he began to play. It was really a great experience. He told me that it was a wonderful guitar and asked where I had purchased it because he would like to look for himself to replace the one he has. After I told him how much it cost he could hardly believe it was so reasonable for such good quality.

    Thanks Richard, for making me a very happy customer. I will always recommend people to you and your quality services.
  • Author: Larry Stepp
    I took guitar lessons for about a year in the 80’s and haven’t touched one till recently, having purchased my new Goyette,” Sonata Concert Model Classical Guitar.” Retired I have now the time I didn’t before to study and practice. My new guitar teacher has a master’s in guitar and plays at the symphony and concert level. The minute he picked up my Goyette he said, “I really like your guitar!” It has all the new design that makes a guitar project more volume and quality sound, and play easier. He also alluded to the apparent quality and beauty. Before purchasing I looked at and reviewed countless guitars, old and new. I settled on my Goyette for many reasons. Richard Goyette was the main one. I am from the old school in that integrity means everything to me, and that is Richard in a nut shell. My first guitar was handed down (it was like new) from the head of the guitar department at Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore. It was a late 70’s model made by Sakurai/ supervised by Kohno. My new Goyette is a much superior Guitar in sound, looks and performance with a tremendous price/ cost advantage to the consumer. This was my research finding. I bought it with a 7 day return, money back policy. You have to know I did not want to send it back. I think I got the buy of a lifetime.
  • Author: David Carlos
    Dear Rich,

    As you know I purchased your Sonata model classical guitar several months ago and after playing it for several days I had sent you a brief note stating how pleased I was with my purchase. Since then I have been on the road in my motorhome traveling in the general direction of north and found Mebane NC; I have decided to stay here a week. Now it is evening of the third day and out comes the Sonata for the first time in weeks and the smile has returned to my face. I have been randomly playing selections from Carcassi, Sor, and the Preludes by Villa Lobos; the richness, range of tone and lightness of touch is so very satisfying.  I had studied the classical guitar thru the 1960's after having purchased a Ramirez that was hand made in Spain; its rich base tones and soft soprano qualities were captivating. Unfortunately I decided that the commitment  to my practice had to give way to raising my family and my music faded into long term memory. Thirty years later I find myself in LaBelle FL enjoying retirement when I met up with a fellow traveler and we end up discussing  our love of the guitar; several hours of searching the net I find your website, you convinced me to try one of your lower model guitars. It was almost perfect but not quite. You suggested the Sonata after I had explained how deeply satisfying I found playing my Ramirez and I am so very thankful. The pleasure of playing the Sonata has rekindled my study of music and much to my surprise not only am I still smiling but so is my wife, my sons and my friends. The only question is what will happen when Sonata meets Ramirez some time next month. I am sure Sonata is more than capable of holding its own. To be continued???

    Again Rich - thanks so much for being there!!!!